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Don't let the label fool you!

It's no secret healthy eating is all the craze. There's lots of talk about what diet you should follow and there's TONS of marketing targeted to make things look healthy.

After years of being fooled, we'd love for you to have a leg up, too.

Here's our list of things that we think are healthy and tips to know what's the lie!

1. Granola bars.

With being trainers and coaches, we see this one the most! It's understandable - it’s been marketed as “quick, healthy, protein-packed cure all.” However, most granola bars are just packed full of sugars and additives and can leave you without any nutritional value. Make sure when you look for granola bars they have just a handful of ingredients, no artificial sugars, and are high in protein and fiber. Best yet, make them yourselves. If you can't get that done, there are a few on the market that we love!

KIND - this can be found nearly anywhere. they come in all different flavors, so you can find the one that's right for you.

Larabar - this can get tricky, because some have lots of sugars. however, it's easily broken down when it's natural. these are not an every day thing, but can be useful in a pinch or on a hiking trail

RX Bars - again, these can be high in sugar. they are made with whole ingredients that can easily be broken down by our bodies

2. Organic.

Labeling vegetables "organic" is great - however that does not make them “magically better” for you. There are certain fruit, veggies and meats that will have their benefits of being organic but it is very limited. Have you ever heard of the dirty dozen? Check these lists as what has more value when buying organic. When it comes to meats, you will need to look at it's origin. Not all meats are created equally. Here's an amazing podcast (transcribed) about how to Prioritize Your Proteins when shopping for organic/cage free/grass finished solutions.

One quick reminder - that even organic candy is CANDY! Don't be fooled by the labels. Check and see the ingredients - organic strawberry popsicles can be chalked full of sugar. A really good option is just to eat the organic strawberry by itself!

3. Peanut butter.

This comes up a lot in the health world. Peanut butter is always looked at as super food. You see body builders eating it by the spoonfuls.

Well...that's not really false, but you have to beware. A lot of big companies add sugars to their nut butters to sweeten or preserve them. Other companies call it "Natural" but they still continue to add the sugars. Read the labels. Peanut butter should consist of peanuts.

Another quick reminder - these nut butters are high in fats and proteins. Albeit healthy, you still want to eat in moderation.

Here's my secret trick to knowing if the organic/natural option is okay.

First, I find a recipe to make it homemade. I look at the ingredients in the recipe and see how many there are and what they are. I trace back to the most basic ingredients needed - sugar, flour, eggs, fruit, nuts, etc.

Then, I look at what I want to buy. If there's tons more ingredients than the homemade version, I typically put it back. If I keep it, I check to see if the ingredients are in their simplest form (does it say strawberries or does it say strawberry flavoring) and then I check to see if they're plant-based or organic.

Hope that helps! Drop us questions or your favorite tips!

~ T & E Empowerment

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