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Plateau No More

Why can't you lose the rest of that stubborn weight?

The're in a surplus!!! You're eating more calories than you are burning. It’s as simple as that!

The reason why it may be hard for you to understand this concept is like most people, male or female, you are eating sooooo little calories durning the week (what society calls "being good"), and then...the weekend happened...and you eat all the things and then some ("cheat meal" anyone?)! This is where I see most people fail. They are so strict during the week and once Friday night hits, you "let loose" and everything you did during the week gets thrown down the drain.

You may be thinking “well I only had one “cheat” meal” (which is fine don’t get me wrong) but how big was that cheat meal!? Most “cheat meals” are a good 500-1000 calories more then what our bodies are used to, causing you to hold onto every calorie just that much more. Your metabolism isn't used to it from under eating through out the week. I see this a lot in ladies. They have been dieting for so long they have killed their metabolism and good gut flora (more on this in future posts), resulting in any “cheat meal” as added fat to their body, because it cannot be digested properly.

Also, you may think it's just one “cheat meal” so you should be losing the weight. However, throughout the day, we mindlessly eat so much - the one bite of cookie you had here or the little glass of wine you had there? It adds up!!

In the end you can be eating that “special number” of just 1200 calories a day but then one day eating 2200 calories and that will shoot you into a surplus, resulting in plateau, or even fat gain.

How are you supposed to live then? To only eat 1200 calories for the rest of your life so you don’t gain weight?'re going to have to change things. You're going to have to up your calories during the week. Say you are just eating 1200 calories a day. You're not going to up your calories to 2200 but you're going to have to up your calories slowly by 100 or so calories a day. It isn’t going to be an easy fix. After all those years of dieting you're going to having to give some grace on your metabolism. You'll start ramping it up again by slowly introducing more calories to it to get your metabolism running efficiently again. One important note - not all calories are the same. When you start adding in calories, you're not going to start driving through McDonalds again (more on this down below). You'll want to add more vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs.

Then, when the weekends come you won’t be craving foods or "allowing yourself to cheat" and you won’t wreck your insides by over feeding. Every day you are going to feel satisfied and not deprived. Once you get your metabolism functioning properly you won’t need to have to worry about “diets” because you will be able to eat foods and it will be able to break it down easily. Ever heard of the 80/20 Diet?

There's the other side of the spectrum where people think they're eating so little, but are actually consuming a lot of calories through processed foods. Not everyone understands the low nutrition in what they are consuming. Eating 1200 calories worth of processed foods like candy bars, pop, French fries, ice cream, etc is much different than eating 1200 calories worth of whole foods, like fruits and veggies. Once you start really thinking about those unhealthy food you are putting in your body - and start to replace them with whole food - you will be surprised how much fuller you feel, how much more energy you have, and that you're losing weight. You will be maximizing your calorie intake and your body will be able to digest on the rare occasion it goes over a little.

It can seem so easy, yet be so hard. If you feel like this is you, we got you! We want to help you! And we can! Stop dieting and start seeing result. We will help guide you with all the tools you need with weekly meal plans and daily workout on top of accountability.

Now is time to achieve the body and mind you have always wanted.

T&E Empowerment ⚜️

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