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Starting Over

Are you a new month, new person type thinker?

I used to be.

In fact, in college, I was the kid who would say “At 7pm I’ll start studying. Then, at 7:01 I decided I failed and set another time.”

I’ve done that with past diets, past resolutions, past relationships and past promises.

I can look back on my last 30 years and tell you every time I started over.

And I recall how I felt.

Now picture this:

You drive somewhere you've never been before.

But you don't have a GPS.

So you have to use your intuition.

Because you've been driving for sometime,

You can gauge if you're going North or South.

You follow the speed limit.

You may make a few wrong turns.

You may have to stop for gas.

Even though it's hard, you eventually get there.

But imagine this:

What if every time you took the wrong turn, sped a little or ran out of gas you had to go ALL the way back to the start?

How long would it take you to get there?

How frustrated would you be?

So are we demanding we do that for our health?

As a wife, parent, employee and business owner, as well as taking care of myself, I couldn't afford to keep feeling like a failure.

I couldn't afford to keep starting over.

I had to change my mindset.

It's when I realized our health journeys aren't something to "Get to"...

They're not a number, a time or a look.

There's no deadline.

There became no reason to constantly start over.

My Empowered.U Camp unlocks this type of nutritional education and

helps get you over those mental hurdles from past diets.

Reach out to see how I can help you get from starting over to healthy and happy!


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