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The Secret to be the BEST.

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Here’s the secret!....there isn't one!

Oops! You were wanting some sexy 8-pack man to pop up on the screen, one pill that would melt fat and a workout machine that would workout for you...right?

The real answer is...the best workout is the workout you enjoy! Something that you can stick with! Something that makes you feel good! Exercises that are fun, push you, help you in everyday life, make you feel strong, and just feel good!

But here's why we want the sexy 8-pack man. Because that's what we see in the "Health World." No matter what your friend does or some “influencer” on Instagram does, it doesn’t matter for YOU! You could do those exact workouts and eat the same food and get way different results (or none at all) because every BODY is different. So, there's the science behind it. But the emotional side plays a part, too. If you don’t like the workouts, you are more then likely going to throw in the towel because it's more effort than it's worth to you.

Whether it’s working out by yourself at home, at the gym, or a group spin class, find what lights your fire stick with it and enjoy the process!

Now that you know the secret to your best workout, you're probably wondering what the magical food is that is going to give you that “ideal” body!?

Well...I hope by this point you know that answer...there is no one magic food or meal plan! The best meal plan for you is the one that you can stick with! This doesn’t have to be kale or bland and dry food. You can have all types of different food!

You are what you eat - so don't be FAST, CHEAP, EASY or FAKE. That doesn't mean you can't make a 20-minute meal that is minimal ingredients and on a budget. It means you shouldn't be EATING like that. Take a second to think about where your next meal is coming from, how it was prepared and the one who prepared it. If the answer to any of that was "I don't know?" then maybe it's time to rethink that meal. Remember to ENJOY your food. Don't slurp it down so fast you can't taste it.

Adding vegetables and quality protein and taking out fast food and artificial sugars are two sure-fire ways to clean up your diet with minimal effort.

Sound easy, right? Just do what you like...

All this can be a bit confusing, so that’s why we created this program! Anyone can get out of the rut of thinking they have to be like another person to get results. Eme thought running endless of miles was the only answer to being “fit” and Tricia ate the same meal for lunch every day for about a year and she was heavy on the "cheat meals". Neither of those methods got them to where they are today. Because they didn't work and weren't sustainable...and frankly, didn't make us HAPPY!

Once you find what works with you and adapt these heathy tools into your life, you can set yourself free of the Diet Culture that tells you how to fit in their tiny box. From personal experience, no matter the number on the scale, taking care of yourself the way YOU need to be taken care of will make you feel fit, healthy and like a sexy 8-pack man. (Okay, maybe not that last part.)


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